Debbie Goettel supports striking Minneapolis park workers

To whom it may concern,  As an elected official who cares deeply that we go up to bat for our frontline workers, I support Minneapolis Parks staff who are advocating for fairer wages, a fair contract, and a good faith bargaining process that maintains their ability to organize effectively now, and into the future.  I… Continue reading Debbie Goettel supports striking Minneapolis park workers

Debbie wins 2020 DFL endorsement

With over 83% of first-choice votes, Debbie was endorsed by the DFL for Hennepin County Commissioner in District 5. Hennepin County convention delegate were chosen by precinct caucus attendees on March 3. Due to COVID-19, the Convention was moved online. Delegates cast their ranked-choice ballots over a 10-day period between April 24 and May 4.

Hennepin County provides legal aid to domestic abuse victims Commissioner Goettel provided an amendment to the 2019 budget to include legal services for domestic abuse victims seeking orders for protection in the court system. Read the KSTP story to learn more.