About Debbie

Debbie Goettel

Debbie Goettel has been Richfield mayor since 2005

Debbie Goettel is the Mayor of Richfield and an engineer working in the environmental and sustainability fields. Her degree is in civil engineer with graduate studies from the University of Minnesota and Harvard in environmental sustainability. In her business career, she has worked for the large consulting firms such as Montgomery Watson and for large businesses like Weyerhauser, Medtronic, Nestle and Cummins NPower. She is currently owns a small business and is involved in several business startups.

Debbie was elected Mayor of Richfield in 2005, she is currently serving her third 4-year term. She applies her business and engineering experience to the role as Mayor and is achieving great things. The new 77th Street underpass will transform that area just north of 494 near the Mall of America. The "Do Town" initiative, partnering with surrounding communities, has measurably improved public health and wellness, and the environment. Richfield’s new walkable downtown is vibrant and sustainable.

Her colleagues describe her as a problem solver, a regional thinker with big vision. She is tough and decisive, and also caring and collaborative. She sits on regional, state and national tables as the voice of a fully developed suburb. She listens to all sides of issues, understands complexity and is willing to look for common ground and ways to move challenging issues forward.

And Debbie is no stranger to adversity. She became a widow when her son was very young, and worked hard to successfully raise him as a single parent. She credits terrific schools and a wonderful community in which to raise a family. She is now the proud mother to two sons and daughter and is grandmother of four, and recently remarried to her husband Tor.

Debbie Goettel